Corporate Responsibility

At TAMARA COMOLLI, we are aware of our responsibility towards mother nature. Find out how we and our partner Oceana are committed to ocean conservation and how we support other environmental projects.


For us, people always come first. Treating our suppliers, customers, partners and employees with respect is of utmost importance to us. Many of our most valued business relationships are long-term partnerships based on trust and cooperation. Responsible action by management is an important step towards sustainable luxury and a better future for our company, our employees and generations to come.


In our Tegernsee workshop, you’ll find goldsmiths making exquisite jewelry. We care about continuing with the proud traditions of our craft. Responsibly sourcing the materials we use is another key aspect of our work. We prioritize protecting and caring for the earth when we obtain our raw materials.


We are aware of our special responsibility towards the environment. That’s why we’re always working to improve our operations and processes to help protect the planet. All print marketing and communication materials, paper shopping bags and wrapping paper are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified paper. We also support reforestation projects in our area, use organic printing inks, and partner with social organizations on a variety of projects.

Proud partner of the ocean conservation organization Oceana

Water is the source of our inspiration. That’s why protecting our oceans matters so much to us. We are very proud to be an official partner of the international ocean conservation organization Oceana. We support Oceana in its constant efforts to protect marine life and restore our vital oceans. From helping put a stop to bottom trawling in sensitive habitats to protecting sea turtles from commercial fishing equipment, Oceana has many achievements under its belt. We hope to raise awareness of our oceans by partnering with this organization.  hierLearn more about what Oceana does here.