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The Spinel is a very rare and wonderful gemstone, similar to Sapphire. It is not particularly well-known, although it is found in the British Crown as “Black Prince Ruby”. It was mistakenly confused with a ruby for a long time. Its name probably comes from the Latin word “spinella”, which means “little thorn”. The Spinel is the stone that protects the soul. It is said to give its owner courage and faith and help them accept themselves. The Spinel is August’s birthstone.

A hardness of 8 and a very high degree of brilliance help bring out Spinels’ intense, strong color. The Spinel is part of the cubic crystal system and its crystal form is an octahedron. This gemstone appears in colors such as green, brown, grey, blue, violet and pink. The powerful pink shades are of particularly high quality and rare to boot. Stones over 3ct in this color are almost impossible to find. The violet-brownish Spinels are also very popular on the market. A real “hidden gem” among collectors!

You can clean your Spinel with lukewarm water and soap. The gemstone should be protected from potential impact and scratches. Make sure to store it safely.

The Spinel is found in Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Tajikistan. It is often found in its parent rock, marble.

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