Ocean Jasper
Ocean Jasper
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The Ocean Jasper is a variety of quartz, often also known as Jasper. The name comes from Latin and means “speckled”. Each Ocean Jasper is unique and there is no other like it. Hot magma hits the cold sea until it cools down, creating a unique structure in the stone. The Ocean Jasper is also popular as a healing stone and said to protect against diseases. The stone is also believed to give its owner inner harmony and renew their mind, heart and spirit. The Ocean Jasper is March’s birthstone.

A wide variety of color combinations can be formed. Depending on the pattern, these special pieces can also be known as “Picasso” or “Picture” Jasper. Each of our Ocean Jasper jewelry pieces is designed and color-coordinated by designer Tamara Comolli.

You can clean your Ocean Jasper with a soft, dry tissue. The gemstone should be protected from potential impact and scratches. Make sure to store it safely.

Our Ocean Jasper is sourced in Madagascar. The colorful gemstones are unearthed in mines which can only be reached at low tide, and can only be taken away in boats at high tide.

Ocean Jasper
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