Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl
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Mother of Pearl is an organic mineral substance secreted by oysters and shellfish. The name Mother of Pearl refers to the innermost highly iridescent layer of mussels or snail shells. Mother of Pearl symbolizes femininity and motherhood and is seen as the protector of all mothers. In terms of healing properties, Mother of Pearl is said to help with allergies and help the wearer deal with change. Mother of Pearl is often given as a gift on 19th and 42nd wedding anniversaries.

Mother of Pearl’s base color is usually white. The inner lining of shells, snails or oysters shimmer with a special blend of blue, purple, silver, pink, yellow and green shades. The colorful shimmer on its surface is what makes Mother of Pearl truly special.

You can clean Mother of Pearl carefully with a dry tissue or in clear water. In addition, Mother of Pearl should not come into contact with cosmetics, which can reduce its shimmer.

Especially stunning Mother of Pearl can be found in Myanmar, Madagascar, the Philippines, northern Australia, Indonesia and the South Pacific Islands.

Mother of Pearl
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