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Moonstones belong to the feldspar group. They owe their name to their appearance. The gem shimmers like moonlight, which gives it its special charm. Adularization – the shimmering over the surface – is very typical of this gemstone. This is caused by the extremely thin layers within the stone in which the light is refracted. This shine appears particularly effective in a cabochon cut. The Moonstone is known as the “Stone of Lovers” as it strengthens empathy. The Moonstone is June’s birthstone.

Moonstones occur in a wide range of colors, including brown, orange, sand, grey and white. Clear and inclusion-free stones are now a rarity.

Although the Moonstone is a very strong gemstone, you should protect it from potential impact and scratches. It should also be kept away from high temperatures.

Moonstones are found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil, Mexico, Tanzania and the USA. Our gemologists’ expertise is particularly crucial when selecting this popular gemstone.

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