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Citrine belongs to the mineral class of quartzes. This gemstone owes its name to its color, reminiscent of a lemon (citrus in Latin). This gemstone is also known as Sunstone. Citrine is popular as a healing gemstone as it boosts its owner’s self-confidence and gives them courage to live a life of joy. According to the Romans, this gemstone protects against evil stares, and in the Middle Ages, it was even said to prevent risky adventures and provide eternal life. Citrine is November’s birthstone.

Citrine’s colors range from light yellow to a deeper, golden shade. Madeira and Palmeira are technical terms often used to describe them.

The best way to clean your Citrine is with a soft tissue. Protect your gemstone from extreme temperature variations, acids and potential impact. Make sure to store it safely.

Citrines are found in Argentina, Burma, Brazil, Madagascar and Namibia. It requires the expertise of our gemmologists to find particularly beautiful Citrines.

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