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The Cacholong belongs to the most widespread group of opals and is therefore also known as White Opal. The name comes from the Mongolian and means “beautiful stone”. It is the most famous talisman for mothers, as it protects against dangers during pregnancy. The snow-white gemstone is also known as the “Amulet of Love” – it was worn by young ladies wanting to marry, as a symbol of purity and innocence. That is why the Cacholong is also highly sought-after for bridal jewelry. The Cacholong is October’s birthstone.

The Cacholong is milky white with a beautiful glow. The stone’s matt appearance, which catches very little light, is reminiscent of very precious porcelain. Usually, the Cacholong is pure white, yet slight grey, bluish or yellowish shades may appear.

The Cacholong should be protected from impact, scratches, cosmetics, oil and soap. It is best to clean your Cacholong with a soft, slightly moist tissue. As the mineral the gemstone is made of has a high water content, the gemstone requires regular hydration.

The Cacholong is found in Australia. Our gemologists’ expertise is called upon to help find especially stunning snow-white gems.

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